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Waterproof Hospital Pager

Waterproof Hospital Pager

The W8008 waterproof hospital pager is especially designed for use in hospital paging system. Its shell is made of high performance antibacterial plastic material. Well sealed with the ultrasonic technology, the hospital pager satisfies the IP67 rating, thus excellently resisting against water.

This waterproof pager comes with the OLED display which is free of backlight but the unread messages can be showed in a flashing way. For this reason, the beeper allows users to read messages in any environments. Due to the built-in RFID reader, the waterproof hospital pager enables users to enter in or go out of a room with information of their name and working department displayed for identification all the time.

This range of alpha numeric pager is only 7.6mm in thickness, which is much thinner than common wireless pagers. It employs the rechargeable battery and 10 waterproof hospital pagers can be charged simultaneously by use of a charging panel.

WEX is an experienced waterproof hospital pager manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provide 1 line numeric Flex pager, waterproof 2 way pager, Pocsag decoder board, 900MHz Flex decoder board, and much more.

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