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Waterproof Two Way Pager

Waterproof Two Way Pager W9000 Two Way Pager

Design Features
1. This range of waterproof two way pager is designed for positioning, monitoring and communication purposes. It is available with GPRS and GPS functions.
2. The waterproof pager is designed with a 2.8 inch color TFT display which supports touch control.
3. Both Flex pager and Pocsag pager are available.
4. Via the GPRS or the paging network, users can receive related messages.
5. The waterproof two way pager is capable of sending the control center the preset information or message of various kinds edited by using the QWERTY keyboard of the touch screen.
6. Musical tones of the waterproof two way pager can be selected and the volume can be adjusted according to actual requirements.
7. The two way pager supports wireless charging, which brings users operation convenience.
8. This GPS pager or GPRS pager can be optionally added with the RFID reader, compass as well as other devices. It is IP67 rated and available in various sizes.

As a specialized waterproof 2 way pager manufacturer and supplier in China, WEX also offers 2 line Chinese pager, receiver and decoder board, 4 line alphanumeric pager, drowning detection system, and more.

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