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  • W2008P Alphanumeric PagerThis range of alphanumeric pager is capable of working with either synthesized or crystal locked frequency. It can store 19 personal messages and 12 mail drop messages, each with 1400 ASCII code. The personal messages can be deleted individually or all at once but the mail drop ones can be erased all.
  • W2018P Alphanumeric PagerThis range of alphanumeric pager has 4 different tone alerts, the ccp selected continuous audible alert, programming selected standard alert tone for different function calls and emergency alert with fixed tone and vibration. Customers can choose an appropriate alpha numeric pager according to their actual needs.
  • W2004T Pocsag PagerThe W2004T Pocsag pager is especially designed to alert people as the train approaches. While serving as a proximity warning system, the alphanumeric pager can also display the train number, running speed, location and time as well as relevant information.
  • W2004F Alphanumeric PagerThis range of alphanumeric pager is characterized by compact structure, delicate look and high data transmission speed. It is designed with the LED backlight for easy readability. The 1.5VAAA alkaline battery can serve for 950 hours. When the battery is removed, the text pager is capable of backing up relevant information for 15 seconds.
  • W2092F Numeric PagerIts password protection function is for PC cap code programming software and hand programming. Manufactured with the premium quality engineering material, the shell of this communication device is hard to be damaged as the product accidentally falls off or collides with other objects.
  • W2092P Numeric Pocsag PagerIt makes use of pocsag signal format and has wide frequency range which incorporates 138-174, 278-284, 405-480 and 928-932MHz band. In addition, our pocsag pager is fitted with the EL backlight for easy readability. Its data transmission rate is 512bps, 1200bps or 2400bps.
  • Waterproof Hospital PagerFor this reason, the beeper allows users to read messages in any environments. Due to the built-in RFID reader, the waterproof hospital pager enables users to enter in or go out of a room with information of their name and working department displayed for identification all the time.
  • Waterproof Two Way PagerThe two way pager supports wireless charging, which brings users operation convenience.
    This GPS pager or GPRS pager can be optionally added with the RFID reader, compass as well as other devices. It is IP67 rated and available in various sizes.
  • Versatile Paging TransmitterThe Fusion™ INTELPage IP™ is a fully synthesized paging transmitter, featuring HTML browser or terminal configuration. It is the most advanced data transmitter that meets the specific needs of the modern paging industry.

A pager, also known as a beeper or bleeper, is a user receiver in the wireless paging system. It is composed of the superheterodyne receiver, decoder, control unit and display unit. Once receiving the signal, the pager will give out musical tones or start vibrating, with the message showed on the display. This range of wireless communication device has found extensive applications in the restaurant paging system, hospital paging system, and more.

WEX International, as a trusted pager manufacturer and supplier based in China, can supply different styles of products, including alphanumeric pager, numeric pager, 2 way pager, etc.

According to the compatible signal format, our pagers can be classified into Flex pager and Pocsag pager, and clients can choose a right type according to their application demands. According to the applicable places, the product can be divided into high speed type, low speed type as well as the type used in railway system. In addition, some of our pager system are IP67 rated, thus having outstanding protective properties. Customers can choose the suitable one in line with their actual needs.