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Receiver Decoder Board

Receiver Decoder Board

Product Number: W2568RX(Version 1.0)

The W2568RX receiver decoder board is an integrated unit combining Flex receiver board and decoder board. It combines the functions of both flex receiver and decoder.

The receiver decoder board uses the flex network to receive information of various kinds as well as to switch on or off the electrical equipment and power supply.

Since the flex network is an existing public service platform, user of our receiver decoder boars do not need to employ the transmitter. In fact, the wireless service can cover the whole city in many countries. Compared with the ordinary wireless receiving device, this integrated unit of receiver card and decoder card has stronger resistance against interference.

Technical Specifications of Receiver Decoder Board
Frequency Range 928-932MHz band
Channel Spacing25KHz
Signal FormatFLEX
Data Transmission Rate1600bps, 3200bps or 6400bps
Modulation Systemcarrier frequency shift keying (NRZ)
Frequency Deviation±4.8KHZ
Receiving Sensitivity1600bps 8uV/m, 3200bps 10uV/m, 6400bps 12uV/m
Selectivity50 dB
Spurious Rejectionmore than 50 dB
Image Rejection40dB (928-932MHz)
Frequency Stability±3PPM (928-932MHz)

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