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  • Drowning Detection SystemThe drowning detection system is a kind of commonly used anti drowning alarm system. It is mainly used in public places for alert, such as swimming pool, bathing place, etc., so as to help prevent people from drowning.
  • Receiver Decoder BoardSince the flex network is an existing public service platform, user of our receiver decoder boars do not need to employ the transmitter. In fact, the wireless service can cover the whole city in many countries. Compared with the ordinary wireless receiving device, this integrated unit of receiver card and decoder card has stronger resistance against interference.
  • 900Mhz Flex Decoder BoardUnlike the ordinary wireless receiving device, this flex decoder board adopts the double-conversion superheterodyne. It features exceptional interference resistance and high receiving sensitivity. Our flex decoder is able to work in very critical environments.
  • Pocsag Decoder Board It is characterized by RS232 data output, synthesized frequency, high receiving sensitivity and high reliability. This Pocsag decoder board can operate in very demanding environments.

The transceiver we supply here is mainly composed of receiving and decoding devices. It receives the radio signals from the launch platform. Such signals are processed by the decoding device to obtain relevant information which is then presented on the display screen. The transceiver boasts exceptional signal receiving ability and stable performances. It is available in high and low speed types. Customers can select appropriate one in line with the specific properties of the launch platform.

To cater for the market demands, our company manufactures a series of transceiver products, including drowning detection system, receiver decoder, 900Mhz flex decoder as well as Pocsag decoder. Characterized by high flexibility and outstanding ability against interference, these transceivers have been extensively applied in wireless communication system. If you are interested in them, please contact us for further information.

As a China-based transceiver manufacturer and supplier, our company also provides 4 line alphanumeric pager, waterproof 2 way pager, 1 line numeric Flex pager, and more.