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Wex International Limited (WEX), established in January 2004, is a Hong Kong registered company involved in Flex pager and Pocsag pager design and manufacturing. Shenzhen Wex Technology Co., Ltd., also established in January 2004 is registered in China and located in Bao An, Shenzhen. As a pager and transceiver manufacturer and supplier, we have our R&D department and manufacturing unit. Some of the major products we offer include alphanumeric pager, numeric pager, two way pager, waterproof hospital pager, drowning detection system, receiver board, decoder board, and more.

WEX specializes in developing products based on Wireless, RF, GPS/GPRS and Pager technology. Our R&D unit consisting of experienced hardware, software and mechanical engineers is fully equipped with all test equipment, like RF chamber, temperature test equipment, waterproof tester, ultrasonic plastic sealing equipment, etc.

WEX undertakes turnkey (OEM/ODM) assignments. Starting from the product conceptual stage based on customers’ ideas, specifications and requirements we develop the product. We undertake designs covering Hardware, Software/Firmware and Mechanical aspects of a product. We supply engineering samples for customers testing and approval. Thereafter we will manufacture the product and supply to our customers.

We have experienced professionals heading the company. Our aim is to design and manufacture quality and niche pagers, receiver decoder board, decoder board, etc. according to our customer needs and satisfaction.

Our R&D is headed by Wong Cheung, an expert in RF and wireless technology. His team is responsible for the design of various pagers and pager technology based products as well as GPS/GPRS based products. He has a total of over 19 years' experience in the pager design and manufacturing field.

Sales and Marketing section is headed by Eric Dilip Kumar who has a total of over 30 years' experience in electronics industry: first 15 years in product development and manufacturing and the past 18 years (based in Hong Kong) handling sales and marketing for pagers and wireless products all over the world.

Manufacturing is headed by Xu Chu Lin who has over 12 years' experience in heading purchase and manufacturing in leading companies in China.

We have successfully developed and manufactured several products to our customers in the USA, Mexico, UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Australia.

List of products developed and manufactured till date are listed below:
Wireless Communication device with GSM/GPS/GPRS/Pager and RFID tag for Fire Services in Europe
4 line Alpha Numeric pager (in all languages), both in POCSAG and FLEX protocols.
Numeric pager-both in POCSAG and FLEX protocols
Watch size pager (both POCSAG and FLEX versions)
POCSAG Tone pager
Custom POCSAG and FLEX decoder boards and receiver boards made specifically to our customers specifications. These are used for AMR, monitoring energy consumption.
POCSAG and FLEX Decoder /Receiver boards with serial port
Device based on POCSAG and FLEX technology used as Parking meter
Pre-recorded voice messages in devices based on pager technology
LED message display boards based on pager technology
Remote control units for physically disabled persons
Drowning Detection Device (DDD)-Wireless device to prevent/alert swimmer accidentally drowning in the pool. Has alerts for Life guard as well as parent/guardian (Patent Pending).
Water flow/sprinkler control system using paging technology
Wireless device to measure water flow (Automatic Meter Reader-AMR)-only manufacture.

We are currently working on more high tech based products to be released in 2013. They are:
Thinnest Water Proof pager meeting IP67 standards especially for use in Hospitals
Water Proof touch screen GPS/GPRS device with pager option especially for use by Fire services, security personal and other emergency service staff. This product can be custom made to customer's exact specification and configuration.

OEM/ODM Customers
Since 2005, we have been an OEM supplier of pagers to a French Company sold in their brand name. We supply POCSAG alphanumeric pagers, pagers with GPS/GPRS/RFID, Water proof pagers, Tone pagers.
Since 2004, we have been supplying POCSAG Tone pagers, HF-RF boards to a leading company in UK.
Since 2004, we have been providing both Numeric and Alphanumeric pagers.
In 2010, we supplied Flex 900 MHz Decoder boards used in Energy meters to companies in USA through our distributor in USA.
We have supplied Flex 900 MHz decoder/Receiver boards used in Energy meters to a company in UK who ships to their customer in USA.
Since 2011, we have been an OEM for pagers for a leading pager company in Australia/USA.
We have supplied as OEM Flex watch pagers to a company in Mexico.

We can undertake to develop and manufacture as OEM/ODM any kind of electronic product based on Wireless, GPS, and GPRS based technology.